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                                                                                                        Maxwell Jones.

                                                                                                        20 Powis Square,

                                                                                                        Notting Hill,

                                                                                                        London W11.

                                                                                                        Friday 11th October 1940.


Dear Maxwell,


Why you have to leave so sudden and don’t tell nobody where it is you go? You mother is most distress and you is leave me in much confusion. I get you address where I writing you from Mack who say you tell him not to tell people. Why you want to go join the war? You mother sick with worry but can’t leave Cuba. She seamstress work is all the money we get send back. 

I tell Grace stay she self still and tell she how things was for me when she father take he self soldiering off in Palestine in 1916. Why man in this family like fight for people in other country when them have family fight for survive at home? The Lord only know. You vex me.   

All is well here except the maga cat use to call me for food no come no more. I hope is not bad omen as you know how me fear jumby and them. The Lord will protect me all being well. The plant them need water but me old bones too weak to carry full pail from the stream. Mack going to call on one of Mrs Fleming boys to fetch pail for me.

I think it going be Winston as he no mind get up come six o’clock dawn morning. She say he want be doctor or lawyer. He is a good boy.  

Connie ask me to tell you hello and how sorry she be not to see you go. You must learn to treat woman with kindness because the tune you playing not the same one she dancing to. Church was full last Sunday morning.

I ask Reverend Mervin pray for you and the whole congregation join in. It was lovely.   I just come back to the letter cause me hand ache from writing so much. And is hard writing things when you want to speak. Is only you grandfather Walter me ever write before. I never know if him get the letters. But I understand you is far away is important to get them even if sometimes is hard to write back. 

Write me when you can and forgive my hand as I hope you can read the love I sending you.


Yours affectionately,


Betty (you grandmother)


                                                                                                        Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton

                                                                                                        Otterleys Village

                                                                                                        St. Kitts

                                                                                                        West Indies.

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