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Lancelot (Mac) McFayden

3 December 1926 - 10 December 2021

From Smithville, Jamaica to Eastwood Road, Boston, Lincolnshire
A life of love and loyalty


The story of Lancelot McFayden, Mac to his friends, family and RAF colleagues, is one similar to that of literarily hundreds of thousands of Caribbeans who left their island homes in the 1940s and 50s in response to Britain’s calls for assistance in both fighting in World War II and subsequently in helping put their so called ‘Mother Country’ back on her feet.


Alongside three of his friends, and still only 17 years of age, Lancelot McFayden left Fairfield, Jamaica as a new RAF recruit and sailed half way around the globe to train and then serve in His Majesty’s RAF in 1944.


This testimonial film sees Dawn Walters, Mac’s daughter telling of his departure from Fairfeild, Jamaica, his arrival in the UK, his subsequent time in the RAF including being ‘adopted’ by the Dickinson family from Billinghay; his socialising across England and Wales with other Caribbean recruits, meeting the love of his life, Boston-born Molly, their marriage and life after the War.


Through Dawn’s recollections, photographs and the reading of Mac’s letters (Mac was a prolific letter writer having carbon-copied hundreds) the film reveals the story of a gentle, loving and loyal husband and father who answered the call.

Use the videos below to access shorter sections of the longer full interview above.

These excerpts provide a valuable insight in shorter form, to some of the key themes from the interview with Dawn about her father Lancelot and his experiences during World War 2.

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