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The National Caribbean Heritage Museum

Catherine Ross founded the National Caribbean Heritage Museum in 2016. The museum is the first in the UK to celebrate Caribbean heritage, culture and social history. 

​As a museum ‘without walls’, 'Museumand' aims to connect with communities across the UK through pop-up exhibitions, art, music, performance and food.

Lynda-Louise Burrell is the other co-founder the Museum and is the Museum's full-time Creative Director.


​Catherine emigrated with her family from the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts to the UK in November 1958, when she was aged seven years old.

photo credit Museumand

Lynda-Louise Burrell & Catherine Ross : The National Caribbean Heritage Museum -


In Conversation 1 - Lockdown - March - June 2020

The impact of Lockdown on the Museum's 2020 plans.


In Conversation 2 - Lockdown - March - June 2020

'George Floyd'







In Conversation 3 - Lockdown - March - June 2020


Catherine and Lynda discuss the on-going challenges of thousands of Caribbeans fighting to remain in the 'Mother Country' after living and working in the UK for over 50 years.




Commissioned by cultural solutions UK as part of the Windrush Day 2020 celebrations and Black History Month 2020 .

Lockdown & the Museum's 2020 plan
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The Windrush Scandal
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George Floyd
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